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Outstanding and Effective Press Kits 
We’ll write and prepare an outstanding press kit filled with key tips and wisdom gleamed from your product.  We know what editors want, and we’ll give it to them in a way that positions you as an expert in your field.  Later, we add individual press releases based on the “stories” we find in your product.  We are known for finding stories with great media appeal.  Our well-written press releases are often picked up verbatim by the local and national media.

Campaign Strategy & Implementation
We will create a strong PR Campaign and execute it from start to finish. From strategically planning and implementing to creating creative pitch angles, editorial outreach, follow-up, media placements and more.

Public Relations & Media Relations 
We’ll develop a national media list targeted specifically for your needs.  Based on our extensive VIP list developed over the past decade, it may include national, regional, and local print publications as well as TV, radio, and online media.  We’ll send these editors your press releases (sometimes accompanied by previous published articles, reviews, etc.) and will make well-placed phone calls to pitch ideas, and send out letters to editors, reporters, journalists, etc. 
Because we are known and respected by editors everywhere, we are quite successful in obtaining publicity for our clients.

Brand Messaging & Collateral (Print Materials Development) 
We design, develop and write creative printed material that promotes our client’s overall public image.  This may include press release, press kits, logos, biographies, newsletters, fact sheets, feature stories, brochures, etc.

Social Media Management 
We realize that when it comes to social media management, it is time-consuming and that you often do not have time to spend on social media.  APM can take your social media presence to the next level with planned content creation effectively.

Local and National Media Outreach   
We’ll develop a press campaign and a media front to introduce a client/message/product to a target audience; we pitch to local and/or regional media; securing press appointments, print, radio, television interviews; arranging media tours and press conferences.

Special Events, Promotions and Event Logistics 
We organize and develop events and activities that generate enhanced public recognition of client’s identity, services or products.  Special events include press conferences, celebrity events, meetings and seminars, parties, receptions, book signings, artist signings, and cd signings.

Public Representation 
Serve as the client’s voice to the media and public by providing statements on behalf of client.  We answer and manage inquiries and requests from the press.  Serving as publicist and attend some events with clients.

Community Relations 
APM will initiate community-based, business, professional, civic and charitable involvement for client in programs that can grow their relationship with the community, highlight their personal contributions, and also, enhance their image, as perceived by the public.

Crisis Control 
We introduce a speedy response to minimize potential damage to your reputation and public image.

Image Consulting 
APM will work side-by-side with client to develop a powerful, positive image/campaign that best articulates who you are and what distinguishes you from the rest.

Scheduling/Coordinating Book Tours and Media Appearances 
When you're on the road promoting your book, you must make the most effective possible use of your time. We'll help you schedule a good mix of TV appearances, radio shows, book signings, print interviews, and more. And we'll carefully coordinate it all, — so all you have to do is show up, remember your media training, and have fun!

Media Training 
We train you for every kind of presentation, from a corporate boardroom to Oprah. We will spend time with you so that we can discover your innate and powerful "brilliance." Then, we’ll teach you how to articulate your message clearly, powerfully, passionately, and with the proper presentation skills.

Website Development 
You may decide that you need a website that solely promotes your product/company and any services that may come out of it (presentations, workshops, consulting sessions, etc.). We will write one that clearly articulates your company's message in a fresh and compelling way and that complements your business website.

Ongoing Collateral Development 
Our in-house writers and design professionals can create materials as needed—for example, speaker's fliers, workshop brochures, press kits, new logos, business cards, new business materials, and more.

Leveraging Publicity in Creative Ways 
The media clips that result from our efforts will have more than one life. You can use them in various ways to interest and impress new clients and/or sell more books/pr coverage, etc. We'll advise and guide you every step of the way.

Writing Bylined Magazine Articles 
A good way to establish yourself as an expert in your field is to submit articles on various aspects of your book to carefully targeted magazines. (Editors, who have tight budgets, are usually grateful for this service.) We'll find opportunities and write these articles on your behalf.

"VIP" Programs 
We're experts at getting your company into the hands of people who can help you become successful.   We help you establish a list of the "movers and shakers" in your industry and send them a complete package that is sure to get their attention.

Product Campaigns 
New product launches from book releases to music releases to the latest painting.

Press Release Development, Production and Distribution 
Create press releases and disseminate to appropriate media.  We make sure its news before we send it out.

Image Rejuvenation Releases 
When a company is hit with negative coverage or a media crisis, it pays to consult a publicist who has strong ties with the media.

Brand Name Development 
We create catchy phrases and names for our clients’ products, companies, and events.

We prepare bios for everyone from rap artists, visual artists to celebrities.


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