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An Atlanta based full service agency,  provides entertainment publicity and business solutions for its national  clients' media and public relations needs for more than two decades. Whether its managing the media, product launches, news conference, media kits or media training (TV, radio and print interviews) we do it all for:

First time publicity seekers to major stars, our diverse clientele extends nationally. We welcome:
Business Startups | Celebrities | Actors | Musicians | TV Anchors | Authors | Movies | Red Carpet Events | Premiers TV Shows | Producers | Writers | Political Campaigns & Lobbying | Litigation Public Relations | Doctors
Surgeons | Production Companies | Online Public Relations | Website Design & Optimization | Theater Nonprofit Organizations | Social Causes International & National | News Conferences & Major Events

It’s no coincidence that every famous personality or business today seems to have a publicist. USA Today stated, “Publicity is becoming like politics, and people are realizing that fame doesn’t happen accidentally.” Anyone serious about taking their business to the next level should have effective representation – a publicist with the right contacts and a well developed relationship with the media. An established publicist is your ticket to the decision makers that otherwise would be almost impossible to reach. 
Do you have all the media attention you want? 
Can you afford to remain anonymous?  Or, are you ready to be in the media spotlight?

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